Upholstery Cleaning Doral

Some of the Upholstery Furniture we've Worked on.

With Our Cleaning process your silk, suede, ultra suede, or velvet furniture will get professional treatment that will make it last longer. We can apply a deodorizer that neutralizes odors by eliminating them at their source. After every furniture-cleaning, a fresh, clean scent prevails, and your furniture continues to look great year after year.

We Clean Sofas Loveseats & Chairs

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Why clean your furniture with us?


Our Professional

Professional technician can handle your Furniture with the most care, effectively and economically clean it and restore it to original condition.


Our equipment

We always use new and clean equipment on every job site. Our powerful extraction machine will get your Furniture clean and dry in less than one hour.


Our Guarantee

We are dedicated to our customers satisfaction, Offering 21 day guarantee on all our cleaning jobs.

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